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    Wisdom cloud classroom | There is more than one set of WEIBU three-dimensional education programs

    Date: 2020-06-10 Source:weibu

    In recent years, China has issued a series of education policies to help promote the development of modern education in an all-round way. In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the "2 action plan for education informatization", and put forward the goal of "three whole, two high and one big", and strive to build a new mode of talent training under the condition of "Internet plus". The key to achieving this goal is intelligence education.

    For intelligent education, micro step launched the overall plan of intelligent three-dimensional education, including micro OPS computer E / P Series, teaching and student dedicated intelligent terminal panel series and many other intelligent education products, from the overall design, vision, hearing, interactive multi-dimensional to create a learning atmosphere, high-function integration, multi-system integration, wireless transmission screen, high-definition display, improve the interaction of teaching, make teachers comfortable teaching, students happy learning, parents more at ease.


    WEIBU three-dimensional education scheme, one-stop and whole journey worry free

    China's education informationization has been changing from 1.0 to 2.0, WEIBU have never been absent. Smart classroom not only needs hardware and technical support, but also the whole teaching scene.

    WEIBU not only provides the large screen OPS computer module for teachers' lectures, but also provides the VDD product hardware deployment scheme for campus informatization, and also provides the product scheme of portable mobile terminal (notebook, 2in1) for students to meet the pre class preview, after class practice and review, and the teacher's remote guidance. Compared with small-scale tablet and mobile phone, FHD class instinct above 10.1 inch reduces the fatigue damage to students' eyes. The portable key mouse can also facilitate the students to record in class.


    Equip brain - OPS computer

    If we can't connect an OPS computer with enough powerful function, other teaching equipment will be virtual. With OPS computer with poor performance, not only can't improve classroom interaction and teaching quality, but also can seriously drag down teaching progress.

    Based on the standard modular design of Intel OPS, WEIBU OPS computer is independently developed by micro step and supports 4K ultra clear resolution and smooth playback without jamming; it is equipped with Intel ? h310c chipset and unique product definition of WEIBU, in addition to supporting the existing 7 / 8 generation The CPU also supports the latest 9 generations of CPUs, supported by windows and Linux dual systems; the dual antenna design makes its performance more excellent, and the new USB interface type C makes its application more flexible.


    For the international market, WEIBU has also launched e400u-15w low-power ops. Based on the unique R &amp; D design of WEIBU, E400U supports not only 6-generation skylake-u / 7-generation kabylake-u CPU, but also 8-generation-kabylake-r (performance is equivalent to that of whistleylake-u), one machine with multiple platforms, and overseas certification steps are omitted.


    Dual channel DDR4 memory, m.2 storage and other hardware, according to different teaching environment, WEIBU can provide customized scheme. By optimizing the configuration and improving the performance of pluggable modular embedded computer, the application of interactive electronic whiteboard in teaching is greatly improved, and the classroom interaction and teaching efficiency of teachers are increased.

    Accelerate intelligent education - WEIBU VDD thinks what you think

    The development of wisdom cloud classroom has raised higher requirements for terminals to efficiently process audio and video, access intelligent devices and carry out data analysis. WEIBU VDD is meeting this trend. 

    WEIBU, together with Intel, is based on the idea of making science and technology understand education better. The device is equipped with visual acceleration products such as Intel movidius Vpu and FSS, which can not only speed up data processing, but also reduce latency.

    First of all, VDD, as a small edge Classroom server, can use the educational virtualization software to manage the course synchronization and interaction of OPS teachers and students 2in1, and also manage the class board system to achieve attendance, course content and teacher information release.

    Secondly, WEIBU VDD provides scalability for edge computing application scenarios such as remote teaching, video collection, analysis and storage. By focusing on the collection of students' behavior, management information and teaching courseware content in the classroom, and making full use of these data, we can promote the development of personalized education.

    Finally, WEIBU dsp-d400u adopts 4K HD output, dual channel DDR4 memory, and supports Mini PCIe 3G / 4G module and m.2 WiFi / BT module.


    Focus on education, lighter and more portable

    WEIBU portable mobile device (notebook, 2in1) T101 series product solution, 10.1 inch full-HD class book, reduces eye fatigue, comes with Mic, and combines laptop performance, tablet portability, lasts up to 8 hours, sensitive stylus, creative casual.


    The 13.3-inch 2in1, powered by high-performance Intel Amberlake, delivers stress-free performance for everyday office needs, video and picture HD designs.1920*1080 IPS Full HD resolution display, excellent picture, experience beyond imagination.



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